Site Selection

Site Selection is critical in the overall success of your clinical trial.  The expense to "up" a site is enormous and without each sites success, your overall timelines and budget suffer.  We can assist in the qualification of your investigative sites.  Our consultants have held executive level positions in Site Management organizations and truly understand a "real performer" from a site that will potentially fail.

Project Management

We define project management as the ability to recruit and retain the appropriate patient population in accordance to your protocol within your timeline.  With the emergence of the "fast track" approach to clinical studies, the face of trials has changed forever.  We no longer have the time to recruit single physician offices and expect they will recruit the trial according to the strict timelines imposed today.  Patients have been previously exposed to many of the exclusionary  drugs in your protocol and the competition for patients is fierce.

Let our professionals use their years of history and experience to put together a recruitment plan that fits the needs of your protocol and its specific patient population.   We have been involved in the successful recruitment of hundreds of trials and would like to work with you to tailor a plan that fits your timeline as well as your study  budget.   Our proven techniques will put you on the right track for success.


Are your sites compliant with all regulations? Are all study coordinators conducting the trial according to ICH and GCP's? Let our professionals audit your sites for FDA compliance to ensure the quality of your data. 

Success can be defined as efficiently locating the appropriate patient population

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